conscientious, family-oriented counsel through your legal matter

Matthew Moore

Certified Family Law Specialist

Attorney and Mediator

Can Mediation Help You Control The Outcome of Your Divorce?

Expert Legal Consultation Services for the Modern Family

Family Formation, Assisted Reproductive Technology, and Coparenting


Divorce Consultation & Coaching (Independent Legal Advice)

Strategic legal advice from a certified family law specialist.

Family Law Mediation

Control the outcome of your family law matter.

Prenuptial, Marital, and Cohabitation Agreements

Secure your rights and live peacefully with your partner.

Family Formation, Coparenting, and Assisted Reproductive Technology

Preserving legal rights for the modern family.

QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders)

Hassle-free domestic relations orders to divide retirement plans.

Collaborative Law

Voluntary dispute resolution process in which parties settle without resort to litigation.

Why Us?

Matthew is an experienced divorce litigator and Certified Family Law Specialist. He became a lawyer to help people, and he wants to help you keep your your dignity, your money, and your family intact through this difficult transition. 

We offer full service divorce mediation. We explain and educate you at every step of the way and we work with you to manage all the logistics of your matter, from the filing of initial paperwork, to financial disclosures, to negotiating and finalizing your final judgment or order.

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