Family Law

Do it yourself - with expert help

It is far from perfect, but the family law court system is intended to be accessible by non-represented parties.  A family law coach is an experienced attorney who can work in the background with you to help you represent yourself in family law litigation. A family law coach will not make your court appearances for you or manage your case, but will help you prepare your own matter – at a fraction of the cost.

Family law coaching is not for everyone. You need to be willing and able to represent yourself, which is a daunting task for some. But if you are up for it, we are here to help. Coaching is available for all family law matters including custody litigation, parentage actions, domestic violence restraining orders, and divorce. 

Prenuptial, Marital, and Cohabitation Agreements

Domestic peace is based on mutual respect and understanding. One formal way to achieve understanding is to enter into a written agreement. Agreements between romantic partners bear different names, depending on their existing legal relationship: 

  • If partners are not married but wish to formalize their housing, support, custody, or other agreements, they may enter into a cohabitation agreement, or a coparenting agreement
  • If partners are contemplating marriage, and wish to modify the way the law treats their property, duties, and rights during and after marriage, they may enter into a prenuptial agreement; and, 
  • Married parties may contract at any time relating to their legal rights and duties with respect to each other, with a postnuptial agreement.  

Our office can help you with any of the above agreements, whether by representing one party to the agreement, or by neutral mediation.