“There has got to be a better way”

- Literally everyone who has been through a litigated divorce.

There is a better way.

We provide wise and compassionate, family-centered legal consultation to individuals experiencing, or considering divorce or other family law related issues such as child custody, marital, premarital, and cohabitation agreements, and family formation.

We provide experienced family law education and mediation services to parties who are willing to work together to resolve their matter without the high cost of litigation.

And we provide neutral transactional services such as Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) preparation.

Who Is Matt Moore?

Matt became a lawyer to help people. 

He is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist Attorney, and an MC3 Certified Mediator. He has spent his legal career exclusively in the practice of family law. 

Matt and his team are dedicated to resolving their clients’ family law issues in a way that causes the least damage to families. 

Before his admission to the California Bar, Matt worked with preeminent family law attorneys and local judges, and he spent 15 years in small business management. His real-world experience lends itself to a calm, patient and pragmatic approach to family law issues including division of financially-complex estates.

Matt is the father of two children, co-parenting with a married lesbian couple. 

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